Do you have questions regarding the taxes you have to pay?

Do you feel lost in how to calculate and report to state authorities?

Or maybe you want to know what statements you have to make and where to send them to? The same issues you might have, no matter if you are a legal or a natural person.

Now is the time to get rid of the stress and ask your questions.

We are experts in fiscal and accounting legislation. You will find answers focused on the Romanian system.

We offer you concrete answers to your cases through the consulting platform, documented and adapted to each client.

You can address a broader range of issues.

We are your support team, designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, economists, and any other interested person. Here are some of the topics you can challenge us with: tax consulting, financial-accounting consulting, payroll and human resources consulting related to the establishment and operation of companies, PFA, associations and foundations, etc., consultancy on the liquidation, dissolution and deregistration of entities.

Your complex problems will receive simple answers with a light on the Romanian legislative hurdle.

We help your decision-making process by correct information in a timely way.


Tax consulting for companies, PFA, associations and foundations

Financial-accounting consulting

Payroll and human resources consulting

Consultancy on the liquidation